Polar Climate and Environmental Change in the Last Millennium

Proposed sessions

  • Session 1: Modelling of polar climate

Keynote talk: Dethloff K., Handorf D., Jaiser R., Romanowsky E., Köhler R. Atmospheric mechanisms for Arctic-midlatitude linkages in Reanalysis data and weather- and climate models

  • Session 2: Glaciers and sea-ice history

Keynote talk: Haapala  J. Arctic sea ice changes - from quiet to more dynamical regime

  • Session 3: Dynamic of permafrost

Keynote talk: Isaksen K. Past and recent changes in permafrost characteristics and ground temperatures in the Arctic

  • Session 4: Marine and land ecosystems

Keynote talk: Ziaja W. Land loss and sea transgression due to recession of Arctic glaciers under contemporary climate warming

  • Session 5: Polar climate changes - instrumental observations

Keynote talk: Brönnimann S., Brugnara Y., Lundstad E. Historical climate observations for the past 300 years

  • Session 6: Reconstruction of polar climate and environment 

Keynote talk: van der Bilt W. G. M., Born A., Haaga K. A. Was Common Era glacier expansion in the Arctic Atlantic region triggered by unforced atmospheric cooling?

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