Polar Climate and Environmental Change in the Last Millennium

Keynote speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Brönnimann, University of Bern, Institute of Geography, Climatology Unit, Switzerland. Research interests: reconstruction of weather and climate during past ca. 400 years; combination of early instrumental data, proxies and climate models; climate dynamics and large-scale variability; interannual-to-dacadal variability of atmospheric circulation; historical climatology; effects of volcanic eruptions on climate; climate and society interactions
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Dethloff, Alfred Wegener Institute,  Atmospheric Physics Section, Potsdam, Germany. Research interests: climate change, atmospheric physics, meteorology, climate modeling, climatology, atmospheric modeling, atmospheric aerosols, sea ice
  • Prof. Dr. Jari Haapala, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Marine Research Unit, Helsinki, Finland. Research interests: physical oceanography; climate variability and change; development of numerical models and sea ice dynamics research 
  • Dr. Ketil Isaksen, Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Division for Model and Climate Analysis, Oslo, Norway. Research interests: climate change; climate variability; permafrost and mountain climate; soil temperature and permafrost propagation; impact of climate change and extreme weather on permafrost, snow, natural hazards and society
  • Dr. Willem G.M. van der Bilt, University of Bergen, Department of Earth Science, Norway. Research interests: paleoclimate, holocene, biomarkers, sedimentology, limnology, Arctic, Southern Ocean
  • Prof. Dr. Wiesław Ziaja, Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Geography and Geology, Department of Physical Geography, Kraków, Poland. Research interests: geocomplexes and geosystems; diversity and functioning of the natural environment; ecology and landscape protection; geographical determinants of nature protection
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